Spiritual Awareness Group with Yvonne Roberts

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If you want to explore your spiritual potential through a variety of methods, then this group could be for you. We will suit some but not all.  Each one of us when searching for answers will find the right teacher when we are ready. I have never said I know all the answers, I only know what I have experienced and been given by spirit over my 25 plus years of working with them. However, when we work together, I will share all that I know and then help you to find out whats right for you. I will ask you to respect my views but not follow them.  I will ask you to follow what is right for you, teaching you how to know what that is.

We will learn to enjoy the journey rather than stress about the destination; we will discover your true potential which may not be what your think it is; we will work with all forms of mediumship, from psychometry to healing, from psychic awareness to spiritual connections.

some of the subjects we will cover include
Opening and Closing
Breathing Techniques
Getting to know your door keepers and guides
Cutting the cords that bind us
Psychic and Mediumistic connections ......and much more

‘I have been working with spirit for over 25 years now, and have been sharing my knowledge for the past 8 years. After many years of being a spiritual vagabond, I came to realise the only real teach I needed was spirit and since realising that, I feel, I have grown. I am a qualified Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Advance Theta Wave Practitioner, Crystal Healer etc etc.  It's really not that important what I am or what certificates I have, its what I know I can share with others that is the important bit.  How I know, i can help others to find that part of them that has been hidden... that spirit within.  Over the years I have shared my knowledge through meditation, spiritual awareness groups, colour therapy and much more in addition to running the Centre. I believe the gift of ‘teaching’ (and I dislike that word) is not about focusing on the destination but enjoying the journey! I know that through the years of sharing, I have helped many people to become who they really are and that, is my gift both to them, and to myself.

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