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I have recently cut a huge branch of purple Hazel (first I asked the tree to withdraw its energy) and decided that a lot of the wood will make beautiful wands. This started me wondering from where and when wands originated.
Wands are used as a focus to direct energy. I tend to point my forefinger which always reminds me that if you direct energy at anyone or anything be aware that three fingers are pointing back at you. "Ever mindful of the rule of three, with harm to none nor none to me" So always send out positive energy or better still don't point fingers.

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt carried wands. The Greek God Hermes or Mercury carried a wand. Merlin of course had a wand as did Thor, who borrowed a wand from the hag Grid to defeat a giant. And last but not least Harry Potter.  Scholars believe the wand found it's roots in the drumstick of a shaman. Especially from Siberia and Central Asia when drumming was used to raise energy before and during ceremonial rituals. Then pointing the wand at the recipient of that energy; such as a patient who required healing.

From these humble beginnings, the wand has become a staple in magik practices through the centuries and into modern magik.

So I'm going to allow the hazel wood to mature over the winter and in the Spring we will have a workshop making and consecrating your very own Magickal Wand.

Brightest blessings

Jane xxx