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5 Pointed Star

There are three harvests that are celebrated in the Wiccan way. The first is Lughnasadh, the corn harvest around August 1st. The second is Mabon, the harvest of fruit and nuts around 22nd September. The third is Samhain, the blood harvest, where all surplus livestock was slaughtered and preserved for the coming Winter, on October 31st. So because we are entering the dark time of the year, I will share a little ritual to perform in your garden.

An Autumn Blessing For The Garden:

When you have cleared away dead plants and all your fruit and veg have been harvested, at dusk stand in the centre of your garden and with a stick draw the Elven / Faerie star on the earth.

Place a white candle in the centre of the star , light it and say:

‘Your work is done, the harvest gone,
I give thee thanks for work well done,
Elven magick fill this place,
Bring blessed sleep and peaceful grace,
To soil and garden, tired and worn,
That in the spring will be reborn,
Many moons will pass till then,
Recover quickly my old friend.

Blessings and thanksgiving be upon you.
So mote it be.

Remember all the joys your garden has brought you, and when you are ready, extinguish the candle and bury it in your garden.

Blessed be


The Seven Pointed Star

5 Pointed Star

The seven pointed star (also called the Faerie or Elven Star} represents the Pleiadean Star System, known as the Seven Sisters and was named after the daughters of Atlas & Pleione. According to Greek mythology, Orion the hunter fell in love with the sisters and teir mother. He pursued them relentlessly for seven years, trying to win their affections.

Eventually the God Zeus intervened and transformed the seven sisters into doves, to help them escape from Orion’s advances. The Doves flew into the sky to become the stars that we see today.

The word “pleides” in Greek means “doves.” This mystical star system has been revered throughout antiquity and has been called the centre of the Universe, the seat of immortality and the home of the divine.

Jane Marvel xxx