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I was on a year course to train in Feng Shui when my friend developed cancer for the third time. It was such a blow to her so I suggested she try healing. She agreed, but we did not know where to go.  I asked at feng shui if anyone knew and was directed to go to Bredhurst on a Sunday evening to what he described as, Moonies.  This startled me somewhat as the Moonys were a dubious religious sect and I was wary but was assured that it was lovely so we decided to go on the premise that if the healing was like it is portrayed at American revival meetings where they fall to the floor shaking, that we would slip off quietly.

As soon as we entered Bredhurst Village Hall we were greeted by, June and felt immediately welcome.  On entering the hall the atmosphere was beautiful.  The music was soft and twinkly and there were candles alight all around.  The energies felt crystalline. When the songs started we loved them because they weren't hymns but popular music.  We were slightly taken aback when we had to hold hands and sing Kumbaya and after the initial embarrassed gigglyness soon settled into the swing of things.

The healing was at the back of the hall at the end of the service.  The hall was very noisy because the service was always so popular, and we sat back to watch what happened. It was so peaceful to watch the healing being given not like we had expected. Simply sitting in a chair while someone, the healer, put hands very gently on your shoulders, or parts that were in need of healing. From that moment I was hooked.  I wanted to do healing.

Being and Aries through and through I could not wait, so I went and learned Reiki at the Dojo on Chatham Hill where I was practising Tai Chi, then I could give my friend healing when ever she needed it. Then Mooney and Mark opened a healing class and I joined that and became a Kent healer (some bright spark asked me did that mean I could heal Kent?). Then I was invited to join an awareness class sitting with Mooney. I did not realise just what wonderful magical doors were to be opened.
My spiritual journey had well and truly started.  Mooney told us that we would get our own centre which we did and 10 years down the line it is surviving and thriving.  We have done lots of crazy things in order to raise money to keep the Centre going. Boot fairs, open days, children's fun days, pantomimes even.  On looking back over all those years shall I tell you the lasting and abiding feeling I have about this journey?  

It is the friendship and the love and that will endure forever xxxxxxx