Yvonne Roberts
Founder, Teacher & Healer
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I am a single mother of two lovely young men and a beautiful granddaughter.

I first discovered spirit 24 years ago after feeling something was missing my whole life. I recall walking into my first spiritualist church and immediately feeling I was home and I never looked back.

My journey in life has been an interesting one and like most people, it has been a roller coaster of highs and lows but I can now see that it was a necessary journey to take me to where I needed to be.

I have spent the last 26 years in sales, from newspaper advertising, selling toilet rolls, bedding to designing care homes and hotels. During those years, I tried my hand at many things trying to find something the satisfied my soul not just my pocket. I qualified as a balloon decorator, did a basic teacher training course, qualified as a Swedish masseur, and specialised in dementia awareness which I then used in staff training in care homes.  But then finally last year, I made the change I had been searching for for years and left my years in sales behind.  I completed a diploma in civil & family celebrancy and although it is early days, I know it will satisfy my soul as well as my pocket, well it will eventually!

But throughout these years, there has been spirit. The moment I found spirit, I found who I really was.

The first thing I did was to train as a healer, it then set me on my path as a spiritual vagabond for many years.  I was hungry to learn all that I could and went from one course to another, from the Kabbalah, to crop circles to the Mayans to crystals and on and on and on. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and felt like I was making great strides to understand and connect with spirit. Yeah right!  It was only when I meet my teacher that I really understood what spirit was about. She changed my life and set me on the path that I now tread. It was life changing. I learned to connect with my own spirit first and from there everything fell into place.

Through my teacher, the centre was born. In 2003, 9 of us came together to open The Centre with an idea, a passion to do 'something' but with no idea how we would make it work or pay for it.  But here we are, still here and sharing what we belief and it is an honour.

For my part, I now share what I have learnt in groups for meditation, spiritual awareness, healing groups, trance and physical groups.  I keep everyone updated with what's going on via FB and our web site but I could not do that without the support of others.  Although I am responsible for The Centre, I hope everyone feels that it is theirs too and hope we make everyone feel welcome and the love we put into everything we do, is felt by all.

I always say, The Centre is me and I, am in it... I try to fill The Centre with love and kindness and I know that all those that work with us do the same.  It always gives me a warm feeling and an inner smile when people come in and say they can feel the love and peace.

Long may it continue.